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Our passion is to help educate pet owners on puppy care and connect them with reputable breeders to find their new puppy. Searching for a puppy is a special moment for the whole family and shouldnt be a stressful or scary moment. Unfortuantly with all the puppy scammers out  there we’re now dedicated to help the fight against puppy scams by offering our Puppy Breeder Search services to anyone searching for a new puppy to bring home! Find a breeder today, avoid the scam and learn all about proper puppy care along the way!

Avoid puppy Scams

Take the guess work out of searching for your next puppy. Connecting pet owners with reputable breeders. Let us help you save time & money by avoiding Puppy Scams!

Puppy care coaching

Get coaching on educational topics like nutrition, obedience training & breed appropriate puppy care for the life of your pet.

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